Tied, Tickled & Forced to Cum!

By | February 25, 2012

Master on Jasmine

Our first ever venture into male-on-female tickling, and this is a total scorcher!


Not only is Jasmine tied helpless to the bed, naked apart from stockings and suspenders, she is also MADE TO ORGASM WHILE SHE IS TICKLED! No mercy is shown as Master tickles her feet, tits, and pussy with feathers and his fingertips. A third of a way into this video, Master pushes a high-speed vibrator into Jasmine’s sex hole and she begins to orgasm, but that doesn’t stop his tickling… There’s no way out for Jasmine here in this extremely sexy, explicit tickle video! Filmed with multiple cameras so you see all the action.

Get the full HD Video HERE!

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